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Hello there fellas and gals. As you can see, my name is Joe and my handle for years has been Muleskinner. I used to raise horses and mules down in Southern California in a place called Pamo Valley, just north of Ramona. I presently reside 50 miles north of Billings, Montana. I have a small ranch in the Bull Mts., between Roundup and Lavina. My main interest is riding and packing in the Rocky Mts... What else?
My Background
    Joe Bob and Peggy Miller (nicknames) left Grandview, Arkansas during the depression for the golden state of California to find the american dream: a job. They were married In the fall of 1934 and lost their first born son the following year. Peg became pregnant around Christmas of 1936. Joe Bob, desperate for work, decided to sell their prize possession (a cow) and move to better pastures, green or otherwise. The first job Joe Bob acquired was a job in Azusa, Calif. squeezing juice out of lemons.  He had to buy his own gloves and the quality was so poor, that they only lasted a day..His hands became cracked and blistered after a few days and consequently the job only last a few weeks..There were plenty of guys standing in line waiting for someone to turn over..There were a few more experiments in employment before he found his nich in the building trades as a carpenter. That was his occupation until retirement many years later. Peg had her first live born child August 1937 at General Hospital, Los Angeles, Calif.. That was me..Joe Bob worked at Vultee Aircraft until the war ended. Peg convinced him to buy a house in El Monte just before the war ended..It was one of the first tract homes in East L.A. county. Peg and Joe had three more Children. Sharon Vale was the first daughter and James and Jerry were the next two sons. (identical twins)